Friday, April 29, 2016

Mary and Martha

Do you remember the iconic story of Mary and Martha?

Mary who sat at Jesus feet soaking up Jesus' words, while Martha fretted about the house cleaning to prepare to welcome Jesus and the disciples in their home. Mary and Martha, sisters of Lazarus whom Jesus loved. 

Well oftentimes we women get caught up in being either or. Either we're stuck in the Martha (worrying about our homes, keeping it clean,) and we neglect the Mary (spending time with Jesus). OR we're stuck in the Mary and neglect the Martha. And as wives and moms, as women in general, have to learn to balance both. Especially when we get married and have children, and have more Martha duties pressed upon us. 

And that is where this book comes in at. Sarah Mae, the author, is one of those women (by her own admission) that is often in the Mary only to neglect the Martha. This book started as a challenge to help women see the godliness and beauty in cleaning their home. And it's blossomed into this book helping women to keep their home clean while not neglecting their time with Jesus.

I am one of those women who often gets caught up in Martha only to neglect Mary or get caught up in Mary only to neglect Martha. And I am trying SO hard to balance the two. Thankfully there are devotionals which offer a nugget of scripture to savor when I am stuck trying to clean (which is very often with four children). I think the hardest part of this book was finding the time to read it. lol. 

The only thing I would change is for it to be a hardback, but that's a personal preference of hardback to paperback books.

{FYI: I received this book from the author Tyndale, in exchange for my HONEST opinion.}

Living A Mighty Faith

Isn't that what we all want?

To live a mighty faith before a mighty God. I seriously enjoy this devotional as it prompts us to a mightier faith. It starts with a verse, then the devotional, and ends with a prayer prompt (which for those who are new to praying, this can be a simple prayer to aid in getting in the habit of praying.

For example today's verse (4/29) is John 6:28
  "Then they said to Him what shall we do, that we may work the works of God?" 

I love that today's devotional reminds me that nothing I do can get me salvation. Salvation is a GIFT from God, perfect in its own and it cannot be bought or earned. That I can rest in that my mistakes do not disqualify me from salvation. That I have a Jesus that understands me and forgives me.

And today's devotional ends with a simple prayer: 
Lord, I just keep falling short. Thank You for bringing me to You through Your Spirit and faith, rather than based on my perfection. That's the only way I could ever know You! Amen.

I have enjoyed this devotional about as much, if not more than my Jesus Calling Journaling Devotional. It is a dated devotional with a marker ribbon so that you never lose your place.
It's also hardback, which I love. I like hardback books SO much better than paperback, as they hold up over time and use much longer.

{FYI: I received this book from the publisher through the BookLookBlogger program in exchange for my HONEST opinion of it.}

Friday, April 1, 2016

4 weeks!

(This is her on Resurrection Sunday at my mom's house.)

Our youngest daughter, Cali Faith Elizabeth Bush.

Miss Cali is now 4 weeks old! Goodness it seems she was just born. I mean she was but 4 weeks has already passed us by! She's such a good baby. And is nearly 8 lbs now, which is a little over 2 lb weight gain since birth. We've noticed that Cali is a chest baby, she loves to be near our hearts and tends to sleep more soundly (even breathing).

Thankfully, Gracie gets along with her fabulously. Gracie loves to rub her head and kiss her hair. 
Ah be still my heart. The older children are obsessed with her. Often racing to help with her and hold her.

Now comes the hard part.....dun dun dun.....potty training Miss Grace. lol.

Just an update...a couple book reviews coming soon! 

Also check out Whole Magazine on Facebook! We're reading through the book of Romans this month!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

2 new books by Zonderkids!

So for the month of March, we received a few new books to review.
2 of them being children's books for emerging readers. These books are at different reading levels. Our 4 year old is too young for both of these books, but he enjoys having us read "Elijah, God's Mighty Prophet" to him and looking at the pictures. Our 8 year old can read both books but of course as a girl she likes "The Princess Twins and the Tea Party" better. I love that Zondervan has taken to publishing faith based emergent reader books!

The above book as can be told by the title is about Elijah's story in the bible. The major story of Elijah confronting the prophets of Baal on the mountain is what is being retold in this book. You can read this in the bible in 1 Kings 18. I love the use of pictures when retelling this story so that younger readers can have an image to go with the story which actually helps with retaining the story.

The above book is actually apart of a series of books about the Princess Twins.
The intended lesson of this story is to be humble. To understand that we has humans we are not perfect and cannot demand perfection from anyone. Perfection is only found in God. As a mom with 3 daughters. I can truly appreciate this story and the ability to read them a story that helps them learn a lesson. I also like that the story isn't very long or boring. Plus the colorful illustrations capture the attention of young readers.

I think that because I tend to love anything that teaches whiles it entertains, it would explain my immediate love of these books. My kids can enjoy a good story and learn a life lesson. They can learn God's Word (Elijah, God's Mighty Prophet) and what God expects from us in our daily behavior (The Princess Twins & the Tea Party). And that is key.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

She's here!!

Well everyone, baby girl is here!

Cali Faith Elizabeth Bush was born on Friday March 4th, 2016 at 2:03 pm. She weighed 5 lbs 12 oz and is 19 inches long.

She's a quiet and observant baby. I literally have yet to hear anything more than a whimper. She looks just like big brother Caleb. 

I just wanted to introduce you all to our newest addition to the Bush household and in case you haven't been keeping count, Cali is baby #4.

Talk to you all soon!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Prayers for Preschoolers & Older Children!

So my son's attention span is usually fairly short unless it has to do with super heros! lol.

However we've found a book that he enjoys and quickly claims as HIS. 
It's a book of bed-time prayers. And if you haven't noticed we strongly encourage prayer in our house at ALL ages.

This book is a hard book (no soft paper pages anywhere) which is GREAT for little hands that can be quite rough. It is not long by any means, There are only about 15 quick prayers for little wandering minds. Just enough to help them start to pray at such a young age.

As mom who regularly prays. I absolutely love this book for our preschooler and toddler. 

My older daughter likes to pray however she's more into the book "I can learn to pray." It is a bit more her speed as far as the learning to pray and learning why it is important to pray.

This book is hard back but does have many soft paper pages. So it is better suited to older children who are not as rough. Especially if you plan on keeping the book for a while. Which we plan to do as we'd like ALL of our children to have their turn going through this book learning to pray. There are different sections in the book on learning to pray, knowing thankful prayers, help prayers, learning to listen in prayer and prayers Jesus prayed. 

I think even some adults could benefit from this book (not even joking). We as adults don't always ask the same thing as the disciples in asking Jesus to teach us to pray. Nor do we take the time to learn to listen to God when we pray.

{FYI: I received BOTH of these books as a member of the BooklookBlogger program in exchange for my HONEST opinion.}

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Trying Bible journaling?

So I've finally got my hands on a journaling bible, thanks to my amazing hubby!
And I must say, I love it! I got a single column ESV journaling bible (I got mine through and it is fantastic with the extra space to write in my bible. For me that writing is reflection on what I read and quick prayers. I've got the hardback edition which has the ribbon bookmark and the little stretchy band to hold it close (I have no idea what its really called, lol). Here's a little something I learned when getting mine, sometimes its OK to get a imperfectly imprinted one to save a little money. The only issue with mine is that at some point this bible was supposed to be engraved with someone's name on it and they must have changed their mind.
ESV Single Column Journaling Bible (Black)  -
(This one is exactly what I have and its on sale for $19.99 on

I also got a new devotional as well. The 365 Jesus Calling Journaling Devotional. If you've never used a journaling devotional I strongly suggest you try it. 
Talk about being able to interact with what you read?! I think as we grow in our walk with God, the more we will interact with Him. The more we will want to interact with Him. The more we will NEED to interact with Him.

Jesus Calling: A 365-Day Journaling Devotional   -     By: Sarah Young
(Also on sale for $8.49 on

I've actually been using my journaling bible along with the journaling devotional to help me get into my word more and jot down what my reflections.

Have any of you tried bible journaling? Or use a journaling bible?

{this isn't a review, I just got super excited about these bible quiet time tools!}

If you haven't noticed, the Life His Way Store is now available! As of now it contains a few mini-bible studies that I've written for you! Also if you go on Amazon and search for Kris Bush you'll find FULL bible studies and a NEW journal for those of us who are married!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Just a Little Time with Jesus

You ever hear that saying, "When I rise give me Jesus?"
Well here is a book that can literally help us do that without taking up loads of time. 
For many of us mamas, we don't always have an hour to devote to quiet time with the Lord in the morning, no matter how much we'd like some seasons of life only afford us bite sized quiet times. 

And that is why I like Sheila Walsh's devotional 5 Minutes with Jesus Peace for today. 
It allows to get a quick devotional and backs it up with Scripture. And for moms who are always busy, peace is always a good place to star the day off with. 

Even if you don't have the time to do the devotional, skip past it to the nuggets of Scripture and treasure them up in your heart. I think this devotional will get even more use from me after I give birth and my level of busyness gets higher.

Below are actual (personal) photos of the devotional. As you can see from the photo on the right, the devotional is not TOO big that it cannot be thrown into a purse or diaper bag. And the photo on the left shows some of the nuggets of Scripture in one of the daily devotionals.

{FYI: I did receive this book through the BookLookBlogger Program in exchange for my HONEST opinion.}

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day

For many people Valentine's Day is when they expect to be showered with a certain amount of love and affection from their significant other. They also do so with their children.

Yet what about those who are single or widowed? Those who are longing for the affection of a significant other yet they do not have one.

Or what about those whose financial status does not allow for the extras?

To those I say contentment. You may not receive the extra goods from a significant other but that does not mean you are not loved significantly. It is not the love and attention on Valentine's Day or Sweetest Day which states how loved you are but the love and attention you receive on the ordinary days that states how loved you are.

And guess what? God loves you significantly EVERY single day of your life. His love is one that does not depend on human emotions and activities. And that is a love worth shouting from the rooftops!

So if you have a significant other, tell them I love you, not for what you do or don't do but because you are. If you don't, tell God I love you not for what you do or don't do but because you are.

Love on your children. If you want to celebrate, then celebrate. But don't let today's show of love and attention eclipse any other day. They need it every day.

If you received a gift today, be thankful no matter how big or small the gift. That person still went out of their way to get it for you. They still wanted to see you smile.

If you didn't receive a gift, smile anyways. Because you have the greatest gift of all, JESUS.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Preparing for Baby!

Just thought I'd give everyone a life update. 

We are currently preparing for the arrival of baby #4. She's tried to come early but my dr was able to stall her to stay put a little longer.

Some things I've done to get ready, since I am 34 weeks along, are:
  • Install car seat (thankfully we've still got Gracie's so its just been cleaning it.
  • Going thru Gracie's old things and getting the stuff the new baby will use in the immediate future ready (such as blankets, burp cloths, swaddles, sleeper chair)
  • Get older kids ready for grandma's house during hospital stay (they have an overnight bag already packed & ready to go)
  • Alert hubby's job that I could go into labor at any time during the next six weeks. (yes anytime, I've been in labor once already)
  • I've even started purchasing formula, additional wipes, etc..

At first I felt like I was preparing too early, then I went into labor last week and it became very real that I could have had her and not been prepared at all. So now I want to be prepared because with such a large family (we have the most kids of any of our friends) being unprepared is NOT an option. Plus I am married to a man who always likes to be prepared for what we know is indeed coming.

Thankfully with the birth of baby #4, we are close to more family which means more help with our other three children. Which is especially necessary because we are *back* homeschooling. 

And the kids have actually stated they'd like to remain home-schooled (well the oldest did, the four year old wants to be in school). We'll check back with him in the summer on whether or not he wants to be in regular school (we've already chosen a private Christian school for him to attend in the fall).

So what did YOU do to prepare for the birth of your children? I'd love to know and any tips on parenting with four, I'd greatly appreciate!